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Monday, October 22, 2012

MUK has taken over.

So for those of you that don't understand danish, google the word and see what you get. But getting back to the point, it has taken over in our little apartment since we moved in 2 years ago. Now I look at it like this, if our little girl wasn't brought into this world to a little late maybe its something that we could put up with. But since it has been noticed in her room and under her mattress it something that I don't want her to group up and get sick from in the future.

Its starting to make our floorboards pop up and I have bought all the sprays to make it go away but nothing works. So we have been eyeballing a new place to move into. This with the combination of noisy neighbors makes the argument even better. I am okay with it if it means the health of my little girl. Moving right down the road is great but I mean when you look at where we are located in Randers then you might think otherwise.

In the meantime, things have been moving a little bit forward. I say that because last week I had a interview for a temp. job. I would be lifting big creates of seeds. But the pay is darn good. within 2 days i'll be turning 32. A lot of you might be asking what do I want for my birthday, well there is only one thing I really want. I am planning on getting back in shape. Mainly because I want to live long enough to see my daughter grow up and go through all of life's test. So, I want to have a Nike+Fuel band. Now I know some of you are going to say it would help me lose the weight, it will be something that motivates me to get out and lose it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bizarre Compliments

There is nothing like getting told that you look good, you've been working out and it shows, or just whatever is told to you that makes you feel all warm and toasty inside.

But the other day I was with some friends and one of them told me about a compliment that I thought was sort of backhanded. What I mean by that is its a compliment on one hand but it has some negativity on the other side. With that being said I when into facebook and starting looking for some that was posted on a page. Here are some of the most oddest "backhanded compliments" I have ever hear.

I am 6 months pregnant- a woman stopped me and said "oh hunny your so tiny, when are you due" I said December and she says "oh you have a long way to go you will get fat"

Sitting in the corner of town center mall food court (10yrs ago) I had finished nursing my newborn son. I noticed a women staring at me. She walks over and says, "he's beautiful! Is he yours? He doesn't resemble you too much" I informed her that I was the Town Center wet nurse and random people use my services when shopping prevents them from breast feeding their babies.

I was about 16 and working at the Rapids Water Park. One day a very large man walked up and said, "Ay girll yous got some nice teef"

I have dwarfism and I had a random stranger come up to me and say. "God bless you. You are a reminder that life could be worse. I could be a midget."

I was at my sons football game and a dad on our same team came up to me and said "gee your son is really good" of course I say thank you. He then says he's a big boy. Then the guys says lol..it must of helped for him to have a big mom like you 

I'm "KFC" finger lickin' good

My obgyn, he said i had nice looking u know what

I was walking into the circkle k gas station with my son when this guy opened the door for us then said "you know you want my child support check too"

 I love the peach fuzz on your face

That I resemble Casey Anthony

On my first OB visit for being pregnant my Dr says "well I hope your breastfeeding so ur baby will NEVER go hungry.."

Someone at a grocery store said" I couldn't help notice how beautiful u are.... I love your cellulite

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unemployment is so Annoying

Well, like I promised, going to talk about being unemployed.

Its been a little over a month in a half since my boss told me I have been released by the company and will not have my contract renewed. Since then I have (or I should say my wife) spent over 2 to 3 hours A DAY, looking for jobs. The problem is that not that there aren't any. Believe me, when we go onto jobnet.dk  there are a shit load of jobs. Whats annoying is that we have sent in over 10 application (give or take) a week. Now the american in me feels very stupid. I should be the type that is able to land a job with their eyes closed, but yet when I have to wait 3½weeks for these people (and that is definitlty not the term I use) to write a email back and say "oh we have over 200 other applicants and we are sorry to say that it is not you but what we will do is keep you things on file.." it gets REALLY annoying. So what am I applying for you might ask,

  • Storage
  • productions (factories)
  • Customer Service (not the best but its there)
  • hospital (nothing surgery)
  • admin/IT (cause I am really good with computers. Just not Networking/coding)
  • secretary
  • international
  • janitorial (the high class low)
and many others that if I looked into our mailbox right now you would see so many applications and CV's I have sent and some I haven't even heard word back from them.

So this has prompt me to become a little bit worried. I really don't want to lose our car and bank loans. But the way things are starting to spiral downward right now I am not even looking forward to my own 32 birthday. Why? because the gift(s) that I want would cost money that we don't have. Whats even worst is the thought of our kid being taking out of daycare because we cant cover the cost to have her in there. And that would me I would have to sit and watch her (the baby) while mommie goes to work and you already know my torerance is not up to that level just yet.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When the Kid is sick...

OK OK!! I know NONE of you have been wondering where the Favorite vlogger guy went to? Sorry that I have been non-existent on here. For those of you that are parents will understand this. The past month my little girl (or as I call her "monkey") has been sick. First it started with just a mild cold which child are prone to getting when they go to a daycare. But it was really odd has fast it hit her. (which leave me to think just what the hell are they doing at the daycare? Watching the kids lick one another?)  After about 3 days that broke and she was fine. Or so we thought. A few days after she began coughing really bad when she was sleeping. My wife and I started to give her water to drink at nights and thought that would help. But before you know it her nose began to run again with snot, and just this past weekend she had (what I thought was pink eye) some type of infection that came out of her eyes. (some yellowish stuff) It was so bad that at night when she slept or napped and awoke from it her eyes would be totally covered like a scab when you fall. Again, I am a new parent and these sorts of things have a impact on me. I want my little girl to feel better, not get worse. Its hard for me to be happy and get her mind off of it when she looks like a zombie. So this past week I have been in a "bad daddy" mode to the point I was about to shoot the next person that came up with some stupid remedy to cure her. (only replying this to a family member that side use saltwater to get rid of the infection in her eyes. and yes I am aware that does work but what about the COLD ITSELF!!) But all hope was saved and I didn't have to go hulking rage mode, because we went to the doctor yesterday and she knew right away what it was. (Some type of weird named virus) So of course she wrote a script for Jas and we picked it up just moments after leaving the doctor. Right away I could tell this stuff was working because she had a nap and I had just come back from driving into another city looking for a job (OH YEAH, that's going to be the next blog. There is some much bullshit that I am getting back from sending job applications) and the first thing I had noticed was that her eyes were not producing that yellow crap. (plus the fact that it smelled like cherries and daddy loves cherries) The only bad thing I will say about it is that I think it is laced with sugar because it kept her up for an hour past her normal bedtime, as she wanted to have a life long talk with her mother.

Today I am happy and back to my normal self along side with my little monkey. (whom I am sitting and watching her play right now on the floor) I can see she is back to her happy baby self and all is well. (except for the cough her or there) now the only thing is to get her focused on crawling forward and not backwards! :o)