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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Worst Day EVAR!!

Today started out normal like any other day. I got up and did my daily morning routine. I stopped by the gas station and even got cheap gas today. My body hurt a little form training on Wednesday night, but it did stop me from coming into the office.

Normally on this day I would have eaten morning bread with the rest of the people but they had already started, so I just joined them and chatted for a bit.

After that I came to my desk and did the normal routine of checking email and seeing what I had to do today.
There wasn't much so I make best of what I could do by double checking another assignment that I had been working on. After a while, I felt really tired and could feel a small cold coming over me. So, right before lunch I had deiced I would go home and I did.

After a 25 minute drive back home I when in to bedroom to rest, but only to be woken up by the alert from my Iphone. It was my boss and she wanted me to come in for a meeting at 2. Frustrated, I put my clothes back on and drove back out to the office only to be told today I would be terminated.

Now, I had been expecting it for sometime since the company is firing people to say money, but for it to come this fast took my breathe away. Now, I am to what I use to do before I moved to Jylland. I feel like I will never find another job that is so great like the one I had. Nothing will even come close. I guess I can make time to find something on most of the job sites, but you know how that goes!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whats New? YFV UPDATE!

I know that it might seem that I have been MIA for q few days or so, but things are going somewhat down hill in my life. Now it has nothing to do with my baby or wife. OH no! but it has to do with my job. As of Thursday (last week) they made a huge announcement that they were still in a case of "firing round" and the estimate number of people getting laied off was around 1,400. Now I am not at liberty to say the mane of my job (for fear that even putting the name in this could cause someone to read it and then I would reall have to explain myself) but we can all honestly agree, that this isn't good. The fact of the matter is that its even more scary for my wife who is actually hired there full-time compared to me who is part-time. So it safe to say that no company would fire a mother for spending time with their child but at the same time it could leave them to say that she has been away from the company so long that shes not update with where the company is heading or what they have been doing. If the bread winner gets canned then its not good for all of us. But before you say "what don you go out and look for a job?" I can honestly answer you back and say that I am. But its been a wave of "we have found a better person to full-fill the position", so it back to the drawing board.

But let take a negative into a positive. We have found a daycare for my little one! We were a bit panicked for a while because the government was sending us out to places that we didn't really have time to drive out of our own town just to turn around and pass through it again to go to work. But a few days later, we got a call back and found one that was five minutes away. Jas will start next Monday, plus on top of that it will be her first day of swimming lessons, which we are very excited for. Lately, she has been kicking all over the place. She hasn't yet begun to crawl but shes in the phase were she rolls from back to stomach at will and in the blink of an eye. All of this will be happening the same day I go in to surgery to get my big toes operated on. (both nails are getting removed)

In the meantime. I have been having tons of fun just "hanging out" If you not hip to the logo, basically I have been doing a lot of Googles "hangout" streams. It mainly have been a few fellow followers that has stuck with this blog and production and I hope that they will tell many other friend and help populate the stream. Mainly it has been a lot of talk about how things are going for me n Denmark or many question about culture differences. When it not serious talk, there is always some fun by find stuff on Youtube and other sites. If you the reader are interested in joinning in on the fun you could always leave a email on here or on youtube and when the next stream begins then I can send a email invite to the stream. By checking out the video below you can get a taste of what goes on.

So that is it from YFV camp. I hope you haven't think I have abandon this project. I have been planning some big time projects in the near future where you will be taking a journey with me as I begin "YFV BL" In the next few blogs I will go into futhre expenation of this then. Thanks for hanging in there if you have been here from the start and stay tuned!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parents of the Year!

Some of you know that I am a parent. I am aware what to do and what not to do with my kid. But yet there are so many others than just make me shake my head and wonder what the hell were they thinking. Thus, I bring to you who I think would be the worst "Parents of the Year" These are what I know about and how they became famous because of the GREAT discussions that they made.

3. Its one thing to let your kid ride on things, but its another when that thing is something that man can't truly control. Take for example and elevator. The group you see below should have known better but of course not. They thought it would be okay that little Billy should hop a ride on the right side of the escalator. The story says that the toddler only came away with scratches and bruises. (thank god) Only place that this could happen, in Russia of course. I am totally aware that it might have been a mother and grandmother but in the same sense, why would they let him get up on there to begin with.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just because...

There are somethings I have notice since moving here to Denmark people do "just because" they can and the do it without any reasoning behind it. Here are just some of my worst pet peeves that drive me crazy and the overall comment from it is well..."just because"

  • Avoiding pay parking
Now for those of you that don't know, Denmark has this thing where in most areas (sometimes in the main center of a town) you have to pay to park. The concept is pretty simple. But in the general area where I live at there is this private area where parking is mainly used for the residents that live there. But I have noticed time after time and day after day people ignore this warning that is clearly in from before you drive into the area that this is only for the residents. And for what to get out of paying 15 kroner because your going to go work out or you going to go screw around in the town. (you know your not going to buy anything) But now when I come home or the hard working others (or hardly working) people come home they hope to find the same spot or if not close to where they left this morning, but this is a lost cause. Need I remind you all that in Randers there is a HUGE parking house just less than 5 minutes from Centrum. Why would you need to come and park in a place where others live at? so you can save 15 kroner but yet you'll go and spend 350 on other things?

  • Driving on the motorway (highway)
Now this is one of the worst things that bring out road rage in me. And normally I don't let road rage get to me but some how it does because of asshole drivers. Now in Denmark there are many speed limits. you have a set speed when you incoming to a town (110 km) and you have a set when you leaving and just out on the highway. (130 km) Now lately, summer has ended and a lot of people are early to rise up in the morning to beat the morning traffic. Just this morning I got up at 6:45 so that I could get out of Randers early as possible. There is this car in from of me that just took off after a right turn and blew by a red-light doing at lease 65. Not wanting to stop he could have made things a lot hectic if he'd drove into someone. And to make matters worst, Denmark is know for it windmill so every once in a while your going to come across and big transport truck carrying a windmill blade. This truck is HUGE and thus takes a lot of space. Now on the danish highway you only have 2 lanes. The left lane is only used for passing. Thus leaving the right lane for controlled and save driving. But if your in the left lane driving under the pace of the rest you going to get someone that drives right up in behind you. If they are nice they might not do anything but 9 or 10 you get that asshole that will flash you and yet not realize that there is a HUGE as 16 wheeler that if it is hit could cause many injuries and death. Even if you get over to let them pass they are driving 150 km which is hella dangerous. The top (safe) speed is 130 km. Where the hell are you going in such a hurry?

For those that are reading this leave your comments about what bothers you? Are these minor or can you relate? Also please make sure you tune into the 24 stream next week. It could be changing venues thus making things a lot easier. Hope to see you in the next blog.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

So, how should I take this comment? Re: TwitvlogsDK

So many of you know that I have been a vlogger since 2008. Now at that moment in time I was work hard but hadn't had a chance to get my name out in the community and the world hard enough. So someone dropped me a message saying to check out this group of vloggers out on twitter called twitvlogsdk. So sure enough I found them and worked very hard to understand their mission and the way that they were doing things. Now it's 2012. I have been following this group for 4 years. Now i didn't interact much with them on Facebook because I didn't feel I was good enough and that they would look at my blogs and be dubbed as "scrub". But all that changed just a few minutes ago. I wanted to get in touch with these guys and finally put myself into the spotlight. So I wrote them under the YFV facebook page only to get this in return.

As you can see, apparently you have to be a Dane in order to join the group. It's not enough that you share the same things in common. Oh no. You have to be a Dane. Now I've already taken in that maybe they just didn't know that I vlog. But it's kind hard to understand when I have commented in just about EVERY video that have placed up. I find it funny how they wouldn't know if I was active on twitter or not because the never seemed to wanted to follow me back.

I am wrong for seeing it in a negative light? I mean I find it a bit odd that the moment I made a charge, they wanted to shut the door and close it down. I normally let things slide off my back like water but I'm calling bullshit on this one. There are more than just Danes here. I bet if the shoe was In the other foot and we played the "Only American" card people would criticize the hell out of us for doing it. If your Danish and your reading this, I would like to get a better understanding.

UPDATE: just now they have written me back and say that they are breaking the group up and that they will not return. This is what I call some "funny business"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why not Reply? Too Good Youtube Partners?!

Now, one of the thing that bothers me a lot is people that ask you do something but but can't answer back. It drives me absoulty crazy.

I guess I'll start out with the recent one I am bothered by. This kid is a great youtube. I like the idea that he has started a "Ask Me" like channel which brings in the views. Now what he also does is that he informs his audience that he has one of the those Google things where you can post a question to him. Brilliant  Awesome, Genus! I got nothing agaisnt you when it comes to getting the people to flock to you. But what I do have a issue is when you (basically) run us over with that you want us to send in the questions to you but yet you never answer and of the GOOD ones. The last few months I have noticed that questions that he answers are becoming more and more stupider (I know stupider isn't a word) The first was when was his first gaming console, then about Iphone apps (which I admit was ok) but then from that moment it just went downhill. They (his audience) start asking about what he eats, how he farts, etc etc. Now I am starting to realize that his audience is about the same age as he is and should have expected something like this. I submitted 1 question that doesn't even really take much to think about. But apparently him telling them what his farts smells like is so much more important. GO FIGURE!

Now I know that guys (and gals) can't just sit by the PC and answer every question but why beat your audience over the head with a club about sending in the question when you your not going to answer the question that actually are serious questions. It makes no sense for you to make a 15+ minute youtube video about non-sense with your farts.

Monday, August 13, 2012


ITS BACK! Thats right! You know you have been waiting for it just like me. From the last play of SuperBowl every (american) gets a little sad when football season ends! But after a great summer and other great sports (like NBA) have come and gone, the NFL season starts up again!

I am very excited for this year because Tampa Bay has got a lot of new toys to work with this year beside a new headcoach! I was a little worried about the running game buck if Blount cant get the job done then we can count on our new back.

But overall, there is one thing I am not glad for when the NFL season begins. As many of you know, I live in Denmark and I am glad that they have a group that can cover the NFL. But this group of 3 (on TV3+) are one of the WORST bunch of commentaries I have heard in....well forever!
Now 2 of the three I can deal with but this one see above you, is the worst of the worst. At times he tries almost too hard to be "PrimeTime" by making his own little skit called "TommyTime". Now I will admit he has about 5% flair in front of the camera but yet when there is action on the field, he thinks he knows the penalty calls and they are way off and he screams like he's falling out of a tree onto a bed of spikes. In the beginning they had someone by the name of "Bubba" who KNEW what he was talking about when he was asked. Unlike this "wannabe" clown who chimes in when no one really ask him anything...but this was not meant to be negative towards him it was meant to say THAT FOOTBALL IS BACK! AND BOY AM I HAPPY!

Who do you think will be in the SuperBowl this year? Who is your favorite team?


Friday, August 10, 2012

What's with being the "First" of something?

There are some things man are suppose to be first to. Tickets for a concert, when the bank opens, even when your getting some action in the bedroom, its still okay to be first in these situations. But when you basically "stalk" someone youtube video or page just to be the first comment, THAT'S REALLY STUPID. I mean all the hard work I put in to a video and the only thing you can comment on about it is that your bragging because your the first person to leave a comment. I wonder who came up with this concept?

I watch the entire video from start to finish. Because it sparks my interest. And I actually leave a 2 sentence comment because I want to let the tuber know that I think their video was worth something. So many great youtubers have deleted or ban people because if this non-sense, and I can understand why. If your a tuber (like myself) what do you do when you get someone that plays the "first" comment game on your video? Leave your comments.

Oh, BTW, if you haven't already seen the video where I interviewed folks in Denmark about the leader of DF leaving you can now do so on the youtube channel. Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Denmark thinks....

Yesterday I did the unthinkable. Normally I don't do something like this because I don't like to go up and just bother people, (well unless they really are being a jerk and they ask for it) but like in my last video, I wanted to find out how danes feel about the recent news of the leader of DF (Pia Kjaersgaard, below) stepping down. As far as I heard about her, she a very powerful person and for her to want to stop is rather interesting.

So yesterday when I was on my way to football training, I manager to build the strength and walk up to people and hear their thoughts. Overall I must have interacted with at least 20 people but once they noticed the camera or what it was about, many of them declined to the interview, and that is perfectly ok. I did manage to get about 4 women and their thoughts. (whats with the men? Made me think that they where on their periods) I am pretty excited to get home and edit this so that I can upload it and let you guys see. But please be VERY respectful to these peoples opinion.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting pooped on Live Tv.

Yesterday, while I was up with my daughter watching the show Go'Morgen Denmark, one of the famous announcers by the name of Michèle Bellaiche was doing a bit on about fashion when all of a sudden she looks up after something hits her. Sure enough it wasn't rain. But you might be wondering why am I blogging about this? Denmark (to me) is the #1 leader in Bloopers. Ever since I have seen one video from way back when, I have had the highest respect for live tv from the land. (search under Tv2 Fucked Up)

I have watched this at least over 500 times and laughed myself in to a breathless mess. I am right in to the TV when TV2 does there end of the year Bloopers as well. I know some of them aren't as funny but you got to admit, you guys go above and beyond when it comes to live TV errors, miscues, or the most funnest line (which to this date is still funny to me) "hvornår har du sidst haft rejsning?" Dear God! If something like that was said in the states they would have "BLEEPED" it out and never would have know. So if there is a "BEST COUNTRY TV BLOOPER award, hands down, Denmark win. You guys make tv so watchable!

In the meantime, I would like to give a round of shoutouts to the on going people that have subbed and left comments on my video. But what I am going to do is just start copying and pasting what I think the best comments I see and thus you'll get a shoutout. I know its only Tuesday and I already have at least 25 comments to sort through. Here is the best I have seen that made me smile and glad I am vlogging.

Nice to see you refer to it as football instead of soccer in your headline. But it's no good in the description below! ;)
You can get Pop Tarts in Super Best ;)
Syntes det er rigtig fedt at se din videoer !
I think I will remind you that Lithuania basketball team is not bad. And i actually think they beat US last Olympic games ore some Olympics ago. (I think) And you are right! Wi are so proud of the 8 medals wi have now. No.16 of all the country's so far. So that is good and I hope wi win 1 ore 2 more. Great blog once again :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Egos Like no Other

Before I start I want all of you that are reading this, please understand, I am not bashing ANYONE, I am just saying what I am seeing. If you feel personally insulted or feel that I am bashing an athlete and their respect countries I am not. So take this with a grain of salt.

OKAY! After all is said and done and the smoke has settled, you know by now Bolt (right) is the fastest man on the planet. Congratulations to him and Jamaica! But now what? You just won Gold and your teammate (Blake) has come right behind you with the Silver. What do you do? You celebrate your hard earned victory. But how far do you take this victory? I guess what I am getting at is that antic that perused after the race. Now, i'll be the first to say that celebrations are typical after any well earned win or title defense. But there is another level when your so "feeling" yourself that you totally lose sight of whats going on around you. If you didn't see there race then you missed out on the 15 minute show after as Bolt went around and pretty much posed for the camera and hugged fans. But that's not what bugged me. It was when the danish interview asked him a question and the general response was "I am the greatest. I am number one." Yes sir you are correct on one thing you are the greatest (I think or hope he truly meant fastest) but to go to the level and say your number one was the one that broke the mold. Now I know some of you will say, but there are so many others (mainly americans) that say the same exact thing and you don't criticize them. Oh but we do! Take for example LeBron James. (below)

For those of you that follow the NBA (National Basketball Association) when the choice came down for him  to go to a new team and leave Cleveland, he was criticized for that. When he finally made the choice to go to Miami and they got all the way to the NBA finals only to lose to the Dallas Mavericks (after he had be asked the question how many Championship he thought they (Bosh, Wade, and LeBron) would get. And if you remember the response....Not 1,2, 3, etc)  he was criticized then as well. So if history has showed us (and we all know that it has) Usian Bolt might not want to put all his eggs in that #1 basket of his. I'm just saying.

Like before I want to inform you of how you can stay afloat with all that is going on with me. There is a new ling to the fray. If you look to the right of this you can see a box that holds links to all the YFV sites. Please go and check out the latest which is up and running on Facebook by clicking it there or here.

Lasty, before I close, I want to give a bunch of shoutouts to some of the recent danish fans I have receieved over the past few days. If it wasn't for you all, I wouldn't be doing this. You guys fuel me to keep this going.

Jimmi Pedersen

Each person has stuck with me and I am seeing constant comments from then. So much thanks to you. Check out there channels as well. Thanks for reading and Vi ses i næste blog!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Football and Football

I can't count how many arguments I have had with people here in Denmark about which sport is greater! I great up on American Football just like so many have grew up with soccer over here. But the main benefactor for me was that I had never been to a game....UNTIL NOW!! Yesterday my father-in-law got free tickets to go to a match and this was the one opportunity I had to actually go. (I know that there is a stadium in Randers but I never hear anything about giving away free tickets or anything) Now the main complaint is that there are many breaks in american football. OF COURSE THERE ARE IF YOUR WATCHING IT ON TV. but if you go to a live football game you'll notice that the breaks/commercials are only for the people that are broadcasting it. I mean they have to earn their money too.  Now I will admit sitting and watching this match there was no breaks at all. But it took over 87 minutes before the first score came about. (which is what your seeing above) I will admit too that I don't know much about the rules or the strategy behind what the players should or shouldn't be doing but it made the match a little drawn out. I think the most exciting (now granted there are other game where I know if I was there it could have been more exciting) was when players get caution Yellow/red cards. If it was on the home team of course the crowd doesn't like it and boos the hell out of the ref, and yet if its on the other team they cheer. Stuff like that reminds me of NFL. But I won't bash it any longer. I remember saying once I moved here that I would never EVER go to a soccer game because it was just to boring. I guess I was wrong on that account, and for that I am sorry Denmark. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fears that I can't control.

Soon I will be 32 years old. I try not to think about stuff like this but it just comes up and scares me from time to time.

One of the hugest fears I have is losing a limb. My dad (whom I love very much) had diabetes and had to have both legs amputated. I truly try to watch what I eat and remain active in my sporting events but I tend to get cravings and over eat. I will also admit that I put salt almost on everything I eat. This combination is a recipe for a quick death.

Another that bugs me from time to time is that I suddenly drop dead. It has happened to many people that last few year. Seeing that my daughter is only 6 months old there is some much I want to experience with her. It would be so sad if i didn't even get to see her off to school or anything else in life.

I know it just a state of mind, but these things wander from time to time and play puppeteer in my head. Have you ever had thoughts like this? Is it normal that humans think about this at this age. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to the YFV Blogger!

It's your favoritevlogger here. I have tried this Blogger thing in the past and it didn't go well but now I am giving it another try. If you new to this you can always get updated by going to my YouTube page. By clicking HERE it will take you straight there.

By the way my name, well I don't know half or all of you that follow me or even care, but I gave everything I had in the states to move here to be with a danish girl and things have worked out to the highest of highs! If you really want to know who I am you can check me out on my Facebook page by clicking HERE. Please try not to bombard me with the invites. Since I don't know many of you (and I would love to get to understand am meet all my fans) don't take it personal if I don't friend accept you right away.

I have picked up the hobby of vlogging since I begin watching YouTube videos. Some have brought me great success while other are yet to be discovered. Overall, I would like to be come a YouTube partner but this task requires some ass kissing (in a lack of better words) I do know that some say that Denmark can't get sponsorship but I have found others that have earned the so called Non-Sponsorship. So with that being said, if they can achieve it, so can I.

Well I guess I have rambled for much of the day. Who knows who is going to read or find this interesting, let alone me. But I hope that you will become a follower and stay and board and take part in my adventure of life. Thanks you so much for taking time out to learn a little bit about me. Hope I haven't disappointed nor bored you! :D